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You already know you need a legal will and other documents. abwills and your participating registry agent make the process easy and convenient for you.

Get the documents you need

  • Legal Will
  • Personal Directive
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Affadavit of Witness to your Will
  • Personal Estate Inventory for your Executor

How it Works

  • Click Get Started to create an account with abwills.
  • You make the decisions about your estate plan, which you can complete in as little as 30 minutes — or take as long as you want, as you can make unlimited updates
  • abwills guides you through creating the essential legal documents needed to protect you and your family.
  • When your documents are complete, visit your preferred registry agent, where:
    • Your documents are printed and your signature witnessed by employees of the registry agent. These witnesses do not need to read your documents.
    • A Commissioner for Oaths, appointed under Alberta’s Notaries and Commissioners Act, completes an Affidavit of Witness to your Will.
    • Your executed documents are bound, placed in a folder, and given to you.
  • You store the documents in a safe place. Be sure that someone knows the location and how to access the documents when the need arises.

Do You Need Legal Advice?

Our comprehensive services are not for everyone, as we do not provide legal advice. You should consider consulting an estate planning specialist if you want legal advice about your situation, or have a complicated personal or financial life such as:

  • potential capital gains, from the disposition of Qualified Small Business Corporation shares or Qualified Farm Property, that exceed your Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption of approximately $900,000
  • a concern that someone may contest your Will or claim you were not in sound mind when you signed it
  • being in a second (or later) relationship and wanting to ensure your children are treated fairly if you predecease your partner
  • having real estate or business assets outside Alberta
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