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Let abwills.ca and your preferred registry agent help you:

  • obtain valuable information about estate planning
  • create important estate planning documents
  • have your documents signed and witnessed, and obtain the important Affidavit of Witness to a Will

Do You Need Legal Advice?

Our comprehensive services are not for everyone, as we do not provide legal advice. You should consult a lawyer who specializes in estate planning if you want legal advice about your situation, or have a complicated personal or financial life, such as:

  • potential capital gains, from the disposition of Qualified Small Business Corporation shares or Qualified Farm Property, that exceed your Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption of approximately $900,000
  • a concern that someone may contest your Will or claim you were not in sound mind when you signed it.
  • you are in a second (or later) relationship and want to ensure your children are treated fairly if you predecease your partner
  • you have real estate or business assets outside Alberta
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Contact an Estate Planning Specialist

Do you want legal advice from an estate planning specialist but are unsure whom to contact? If yes, turn to Ogilvie Law, which maintains a tradition of excellence in all aspects of estate law. Its Wills, Estates and Trusts group works with individuals to achieve their estate planning goals and with personal representatives and trustees to guide them through the complexities involved with the administration of ongoing estates and trusts.

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