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The Ordering of Alternates – An Example

It’s important to appoint at least one alternate in each role in case something happens to your first choice. The alternates you name in each position will be called upon in the order you list them. The following example is the same for all positions—guardian, personal representative, trustee, Agent, and Attorney for your Power of Attorney.

Let’s assume someone appointed Susan Irfan and Adam Irfan as joint trustees and the following people as alternate trustees:

  • Joyce Pettersen
  • Betty Koval
  • Sunita Sharma

If Susan Irfan couldn’t (or wouldn’t) be trustee for any reason, Adam Irfan would become the sole trustee. If Adam later became unable to serve and Joyce Pettersen were deceased, Betty Koval would become the sole trustee. Sunita Sharma would remain as the alternate trustee.